I am a colorist, possibly a Fauvist at heart. My paintings are highly interpretive landscapes, cityscapes and figure studies in which brushstroke and color leave the viewer to question space and time. Trained classically in oil my work has transitioned into acrylic; a medium I deeply respect and enjoy.


People often try to classify what type of artist you are. I do not fit that mold. I began with a major in advertising and graphic design with a minor in ceramics. I have explored many forms of 2-d and 3-d design and have always incorporated drawing and painting throughout. I guess that is why teaching became so attractive to me; I get to do everything. As a fine art educator, I get the best of both worlds, by sharing my love of art with students, I selfishly get to create art all day long.

Born and raised in Lake Oswego, Oregon, I turned my compass southward in the late 1980’s to attended Loyola University of New Orleans, where I received a BA in Communications in 1991. I also attended Converse College, earning my certification in Art Education in 1994, and again more recently returning to finish my M.Ed. in Art Education in 2018. In 2000-02, I apprenticed in Painting and Paper Restoration at the New Orleans Conservation Guild.

As well as being a professional artist, and after teaching art in Spartanburg County Seven for six years, I joined the Spartanburg Day School faculty in 2007 as the Lower School Art Instructor. This upcoming year, I have the honor of being named the Mildred Harrison Dent Fine Arts Endowed Chair and Coordinator of the Dent Fine Arts Endowment for the Spartanburg Day School. As well I am joining the Upper School division as studio art and art history instructor.

2018 upcoming exhibitions include my July M.Ed. Graduate show in the Milliken Gallery at Converse College, and in November Favorite Things with fellow friend and artist Nancy Corbin at the Artist Guild Gallery. Past exhibits include The Unstill Life 2008, Southern Contemporary 2009, The Urban Unstill Life 2010, and a four-person tribute show in honor of Elaine Freeman at the Dent Fine Art Gallery in 2104. In 2012 I was honored to be published in Artists Among Us, highlighting 100 Regional professional artists from Spartanburg, South Carolina and nearby.  Private and Public collectors include The Johnson Collection, Carolina Alliance Bank, TD Bank, The New Orleans Museum of Art, The D-Day Museum and The Jeffords Family Collection.

Living on and off in Spartanburg since 1993, I spend my days in with my husband of nearly 24 years, Dennis, and our two children, Madeleine and Hilliard, and our black lab Sally Rose, all of whom without I could not imagine myself being whole.